The Poston Block Book series was created to provide a  "Who's Who" Directory of the incarcerated people, telling where they lived within each camp.  It is based on several sources of information.  The initial intake registration list, the 1943 Tule Lake Segregants Departure Train List, the 1944 Poston census, information from reunions, school yearbooks, the Poston Chronicle & other publications, oral histories, interviews, former Poston camp residents, and other Poston artifacts.  

The book includes names, dates, locations, some photos, as well as the marriages, births, and deaths of the population. Some of the Issei were taken by the F.B.I. from their homes, and the book includes dates of when they were paroled and joined their family at Poston. 

Additionally, the book MAY include some of the students who were released to attend college, others who went outside of the camp for agricultural work in the nearby states, Poston organization memberships, positions held, etc....

The goal of the book series is to let people know something about each person, and perhaps assist you with recording your family history.

This book makes a great addition to a Family History of any descendant of the Poston, Arizona concentration camps. Since most of those who were incarcerated did not speak about this traumatic episode in their disrupted lives, there is much to learn about what happened in 1942-1945.

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